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Namaste everyone,  I’m Gemma, an RYT certified yoga instructor.

Whether you’re here by chance or by choice, make yourself comfortable and let yourself be guided and inspired.  

Yoga has become a social phenomenon in recent years and it’s much more than a trendy sport, it’s an ancient discipline that for some, turns into a real way of life.  I’ve learned to embrace yoga on a daily basis; always looking to improve myself and pass on my knowledge.  My passion is to share yoga with you.

Whether you’re a confirmed yogini, aspiring yoga teacher or, are a curious beginner looking for advice to get you started, you will find information, practical tips and motivation right here at Pranalistic.  Pranalistic is here to inspire positive change through yoga, nourishment and all the other good stuff.

Yoga is a lifestyle approach and a practice of awareness.  It focuses on a person’s entire routine, rather than the physical practice of yoga alone.  I try to incorporate this into my lifestyle as best I can.  When we practice yoga, we take a moment to consciously move from a thinking state into a feeling state; shifting our awareness from our heads to our hearts, this action itself puts us in touch with being present.

All you need for yoga is yourself.  It doesn’t have to be a sacred space; you create the sanctity.  If you’re curious about yoga or need help with improving your yoga practice, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

 Pranalistic offers you the keys to make your life even more blissful!  Far from the stubborn clichés that remain, be open to discovering or deepening your practice of yoga in all its forms; postures, breathing techniques, relaxation, meditation, anti-stress techniques, meditation exercises and general improvement of well-being.   

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  1. Another wonderful session with Gemma. Its amazing how calm and peaceful you feel, not just within yourself but with the universe after practicing yoga – a great workout with meditation as well. Roll round Thursday.

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