15-min, Calming, Restorative Yoga Video

Following my last post: Relax, Rest & Refresh with Restorative Yoga, click on the YouTube video below.  Be sure to subscribe to my channel

This 15-minute ‘Calming Restorative Yoga’ video is ideal for anyone. A relaxing yoga sequence to calm anxiety, release worry, relieve pain and tension and is a great way to end your day, as a lunchtime yoga session, or any time you need a little break.

All of these poses can be held for much longer but try to aim for at least 5 breath cycles in each pose. For the final relaxation pose at the end, a.k.a, Savasana, stay here for at least 5 minutes; if you need longer, stay until 25. Listen to your body!

This video is shown without the use of props, but I’d recommend you experiment with them, especially for restorative practices and find what works best for your body. If you don’t have yoga blocks, use books, a folded blanket or cushions – they can all do the job!

I’m a rookie in the home-made yoga video game, so pls be patient!

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