Yoga and weights

In response to a comment on our Instagram post, here’s what Pranalistic has to say.  Rather than specifically addressing the inclusion of the kettlebell windmill,  I think it’s better to discuss the bigger picture of integrating weights with your yoga asana practice:

comment instagram.PNG

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Pose of the month and thoughts of the year

After three and a half months in Vietnam, I think back to South Korea during the start of my first year when all I wanted to do was leave!  But I pushed on and eventually realised that I needed to be put out of my comfort zone, and I learned so much being in that country.  I know now that doing things outside of your comfort zone keeps you feeling alive.   Even if it doesn’t work out quite as you’d hoped, you’re always the better person for it.   Life should be about occasionally taking risks and change is something we should embrace.  The things that we fear, including the fear of the unknown, can be what makes us when we look back.

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Travel… It can ‘make & break’

International living (especially in 3rd world nations) introduces you to world conditions that you might be uncomfortable with or psychologically disturbed by.  But with the challenge comes opportunity for personal change as growth comes through new experiences.

When you move to a new country, eating becomes a thrill as you relish in new flavours and tastes.  Driving becomes a challenge as you encounter new rules and conduct (or lack of, here in Vietnam!)   A trip to the supermarket introduces new sights, colours, customs and culture.  It’s these things that shape us and open our minds. Continue reading “Travel… It can ‘make & break’”

Bringing calm to a busy mind

The mind has a tendency to disconnect from the body and create worry.  Do you feel overwhelmed as you make a mental to-do list for tomorrow, next week or for the year while your mind races from one thought to the next?

I’ve had a million-miles-an-hour mind these past few weeks.   This has its perks, but when those thoughts start to become destructive, it’s hard to stop the snowball effect.  Thankfully, yoga has taught me to pause and be still.  I appreciate those golden moments when I am moving fluidly, aware only of the flow of my own breath.   Through focused movement, breathing, and meditation, our minds are encouraged to calm and to connect with our bodies and the present moment. Continue reading “Bringing calm to a busy mind”

Prime yourself for winter health

Salutations and asanas

What’s the first thing I do when I wake up during these cold winter mornings (after a morning chat with my boyfriend, of course)?   A few sun salutations and yoga asanas (poses) to get the blood flowing and to warm up.  Sun salutations are designed to cultivate heat.  I can’t start my day without them!

When we are cold, our circulation decreases, which not only slows the effectiveness of the organs, it also lowers our body temperature even more.  This can lead to constriction in the muscles, joints and even our perspective. Continue reading “Prime yourself for winter health”

Yoga for Men: Breaking the Stereotype

Unfortunately, men still represent a small portion of the Western yogi community.   But why?

At its emergence, yoga was primarily a male practice.  But when it found its way to the West, middle and upper class women with the time and means to pursue self-care quickly became the target demographic.  Thus, yoga businesses began marketing to women with female models, a feminine voice, and women’s apparel.   With that kind of branding, it’s no wonder more men aren’t willingly exploring the benefits of yoga. Continue reading “Yoga for Men: Breaking the Stereotype”

Have you tried the king of hip-openers, Pigeon Pose?

pigeon pat busch

Yoga handles stiff hips in a variety of ways, but most directly through a family of poses that are known loosely as “hip openers.”

Pigeon Pose, or Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, primarily targets the external rotators of the hips. These tight and usually overworked areas breathe a sigh of relief when the time comes to settle into this healing pose. Continue reading “Have you tried the king of hip-openers, Pigeon Pose?”

Inspiration is the word of the month!

I’ve been conscious of how long it’s been since my last blog post.   Sorry it’s been a while.  The reason is mainly down to travelling and not having my laptop with me for over a month. I’ve been dying to post something and I couldn’t wait any longer so I went ahead with the tedious task of blogging via my phone.  Today I’m blogging from Cambridge, England. Continue reading “Inspiration is the word of the month!”

Embrace your Warrior

The Warrior I asana (pose) has been the talk of the day, so I thought it should feature on the blog today.

Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I) is a powerful standing yoga pose that develops stamina, balance, and coordination.  This pose also strengthens leg muscles, builds flexibility and stretches the chest and lungs – improving breathing capacity and invigorating the body.

Beyond the physical posture, Warrior I creates deep concentration.  Focusing on your foundation and building the pose from the ground up reduces distractions and hones your energy.  Your mind becomes focused, calm, and clear. Continue reading “Embrace your Warrior”

What’s all the hype about mindfullness?


This subject has been brought up a lot this week.  But what exactly is mindfullness? Some say being completely engaged in the present moment.

Imagine driving a car; you reach your destination, but realise you remember nothing about the journey (and this is not related to intoxicated driving!) This is mindlessness… when our attention is absorbed in our wandering minds and we are not really ‘present’ in our own lives. Continue reading “What’s all the hype about mindfullness?”