The very first yoga classes coming soon to St Helena Island.

Picture ©Marc Lavaud

It is with excitement and anticipation that I return to St Helena; my place of birth; my home.  It feels a bit surreal to be going back but I know that many quality, ‘real moments’ will be had with family and friends.  It feels ever so special to be returning to my island after five years of living abroad and bringing with me a wealth of knowledge and skills in the teachings of yoga.  I have a solid intention to share the enjoyment and benefits of yoga with my fellow islanders.  I hope that by offering a few classes during the 6 weeks that I’m there, people on the island with become more aware of what yoga is about, learn to enjoy it and understand how it could improve their wellbeing.

I think any time is a good time to share the love of yoga, but at this point in time while the island is preparing for an increase in tourism growth and a greater exposure to the outside world with commercial flights set to commence for the very first time in history (hopefully in 2017), makes it an opportune time to spread the yoga love and help a little bit to ‘upgrade our souls’ in preparation for a change in the environment and within!

I’m scheduled to be on the island from 6 December to 17 January and despite it being the festive period when all everyone wants to do is well, party…  I hope to offer as many classes as possible (pending demand.)

For more information and to register your interest, please contact me.

I will have a supply of brand new yoga mats with me (£10 per mat, available on a first come, first serve basis) but if you have your own, then you are welcome to join.  If you don’t have mat, it’s not a big problem, all you need for yoga is yourself.  Price per class will be at £3.00 p.p.  If you are interested in private, at-home lessons, please contact me.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.


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