Seated Crossed-legged Twist

A.k.a ‘Easy Twist’ pose. This restorative yoga pose stimulates and tones your abdominal organs, including the kidneys and digestive organs. This helps with detoxification, which boosts energy and improves your overall health.

‘Half Lord of the Fishes’ Yoga Pose

A great pose to improve the overall health of your spine, ardha matsyendrasana (ARE-dah MOT-see-en-DRAHS-anna) is an approachable twist that will open your shoulders and chest, increase energy in the body while also stoking the digestive fire in your belly.

One-legged Forward Fold

A restorative pose that reenergises the body and aids digestion by stretching the ascending and descending colon. Janu sirsasana (Sanskrit name), may look simple, but it combines elements of a forward fold, twist, and side body stretch. This pose stretches the hamstrings, back, and groin while offering the benefits of a twist. It’s a great way to relieve stress in the body and mind.

Wild Thing

Wild Thing, (Camatkarasana), aka Rock Star Pose or “Flip the Dog,” is a vibrant, energetic pose that can be described as an “ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured heart.”


Remember that while you are learning headstand (Sirsasana), it’s best to practice with a teacher until you find your bearing. When done with focus, strength, and care, headstands can be an invigorating part of your yoga practice. The pose requires skill and mental fortitude. It also develops your core strength and challenges your whole body -from your shoulders to your toes, helping you improve your balance.

Alternate Nostril Breathing, Nadi Shodhana

Nadi is a Sanskrit word meaning “channel” or “flow” and shodhana means “purification.” Therefore, nadi shodhana is primarily aimed at clearing and purifying. This type of pranayama (yogic breathing) helps sharpen your concentration and mental clarity.. It provides equal amounts of oxygen to both sides of your brain. It is a great exercise to do before an important event where you need greater focus, like and exam, interview!

Arms & Core Yoga Workout

An effective and fun yoga sequence targeting the arms, shoulders and core. Enjoy!

Pigeon pose variations

Keep in mind that no matter how many times you try this pose, pigeon might not be for you. If it doesn’t feel safe for your body, simply don’t do it.

Pigeon Pose stretches the hip flexors, opens the gluteus minimus and maximus, and relaxes the piriformis and psoas muscles. Internally, it stimulates the abdominal organs and aids in digestion. Pigeon is perfect for tight hips and relieving stress and tension.

Mini Workout with Weights

I love adding weights to my workouts. Why? Because my body has begin to transform and adding muscle to your body increases your metabolism, thereby increasing your body’s ability to burn fat 🙂

Morning Yoga Flow

A quick, get-out-of-bed yoga sequence to kick-start your day! This morning yoga flow will help to loosen the joints, drain the lymph nodes, release anxiety and energise your day. Enjoy!

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